About Us

Qubic is a brand owned and operated by Philex Electronic Ltd

Philex is a specialist provider of consumer electronic accessories designed to enhance your tech life and maximize the experience obtained from all your equipment.  Our experienced designers are constantly thinking about how to harness the latest technology and innovations to solve problems that we all face everyday.

Our new Qubic rage of modular power extensions is a great example of how we took the issue of an ever decreasing amount of available sockets in our homes and developed a system that can expand & grow with your needs. As and when you require additional sockets or extra features like TV protection & USB charging, simply click in a new module!  In the future road-map we are planning Wi-Fi connection modules that will turn your Qubic system into a control point for other Smart Wi-Fi connected devices such as Lighting, Heating and Security products.  All of which could be controlled from an APP on your Phone or Tablet!

Our company possesses modern manufacturing facilities, a team of qualified technicians and strict quality control. Products from our company are designed with innovation and care in mind and you can be sure that they will give you many years of  high quality and stable performance.

We always welcome any comments or feedback you might have and you can contact us at qubic@philex.com