What is Qubic?

Qubic is a modular power system, in a conventional power strip form factor complete with full surge protection. The patent pending system offers the ability to build a power extension strip to your own specification.

How Does it Work?

All you need to get started is a 6 way or 4 way starter pack. These work like any other normal power extension. You can then start adding in modules as you please, making sure the end piece of the starter kit is connected.

What is Surge Protection?

Surge protection is a term for circuitry designed to protect connected electrical devices from voltage spikes. Surges and spikes can kill your device/appliance immediately or affect them after a period of time.

Surges are very common in power cuts when the power is restored.

Qubic Products incorporate semiconductors which divert any unwanted surges harmlessly into the ground.

How do the Network and TV Protection Modules work?

The two sockets on each the Network and TV Protection modules are intended for signal in and out in order to ground the charge in any case of voltage surges.

What is 0.5A, 1A, 2.1A for USB Charging?

Amps (A) refers to the charging current output from the charger. Small devices such as mobile phones will be charged by a 1A port and larger devices such a Tablets will require the 2.1A port. However newer phones will accept the 2.1A port. Generally the higher the number, the quicker your device will charge.

Can I connect another extension lead? / Can I 'daisy chain'?

Yes you can, as long as the total power consumption of equipment connected to Qubic does not exceed 3250W

What is the difference between 10A and 13A?

Some Surge Protection Strips use thinner electrical cable which can only carry 10A of current safely.  Qubic is fully certified to 13A and as such has a 13A fuse in the 3 pin Plug.

Can I re-wire my starter kit with a bigger cable?

Sorry, but no, this is not a safe practice and would invalidate the warranty.

When is the Wi-Fi control module coming?

Currently it is in the testing phase and we are hoping to have it available during Q2 2016

Who can I talk to if I have further questions?

Please contact us at qubic@philex.com and we will be pleased to answer your questions.

What happens if lightning hits my house?

Unfortunately no domestic Surge Protection will save your equipment from a direct strike by lightning.  The only way to do this is by using a direct to ground earthing system from the highest point of your house. 

Where can I buy Qubic products?

The Qubic Power system is available from larger Currys stores, Amazon  and other good retailers as well as here on our own site of course!