How It Works

Qubic is a revolutionary way of redefining the extension lead 

Our product range allows for unprecedented flexibility, safety and performance for your domestic appliances, allowing you to build your own specification with the add on accessories. 

With the amount of electrical appliances in the home rising, the need for more electrical outlets increases. Our modular design allows you to buy only what you need, and add on later like no other product can. 



The Starter Kit comes in a 4-way and 6-way configuration. Both kits contain a termination module that serves to complete all connections between the starter kit and any other additional modules that are connected.   

The USB modules are intended for charging any USB enabled device. The single module has a 2.4A total output which can charge almost any device. With 3.4A total output, the dual module can fully charge both Smart Phones and Tablets simultaneously. The surge protection modules offers protection for Coaxial connected equipment like TV's and Satellite Receivers as well as Network / Telephone connections found on Laptops & PC's. By using these modules the risk of surge-related damage from wiring shorts and static discharge etc is eliminated.  Extensions modules come in 2 and 3 socket configurations. These simply click into your starter kit to allow for more sockets in your system.